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The Man Behind The Brand.

Meet our very own CEO, Noah Bangs.

Third Generation Miner.

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario Canada. 

 Honest Labour Clothing Company, a brand born from the heritage of hard work and the spirit of honest toil. Inspired by the legacy of the blue-collar workers and the dedication of those who labor with their hands, our brand encapsulates the essence of rugged authenticity and timeless craftsmanship.


At Honest Labour Clothing Company, we salute all men and women in trades.  Individuals who understand the value of an honest day's work and the pride that comes with it. Our clothing reflects the rugged, durable nature of the environments in which these workers thrive, offering both style and functionality for those who appreciate well-crafted attire that can stand the test of time.


Every stitch of our garments embodies the spirit of hard work and determination, mirroring the ethos of those who have built their livelihood through sweat and toil. Honest Labour Clothing Company is dedicated to equipping individuals with apparel that embodies resilience, practicality, and a timeless sense of style.


Our commitment to quality and authenticity is unwavering, as we strive to honor the legacy of those who have dedicated themselves to honest labour. Through our brand, we aim to celebrate the unyielding spirit of the blue-collar worker, offering a range of apparel that speaks to their experiences, values, and the pride they take in their craft.

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